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Preparations for layout changes on the Lunar Documentation Wiki are moving along and I’ve updated MediaWiki to the latest and greatest version.

The theme system in MediaWiki isn’t the greatest, so it will take some time and hammering to get things in and formatted properly. Since previous changes were also done directly to the default theme, the update has reverted the customizations. Plans are [tentatively] to make a new theme instead so that changes wont be reverted in the future.

Again, if anyone has suggestions, complaints, etc., please pass them along.

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2 Responses to Wiki Updated

  1. engelsman says:

    Great initiative, Striker!

    A minor nit: On some of the inner pages of the wiki (eg Recent Changes) there’s a message to set $wgLogo in the top right corner.

    • Striker says:

      Yep, that’ll persist for a day or two until I can actually make an image that is the correct dimensions to fit there, or until I change the skin.